DAT in the Community

DAT in the Community

We are engaged in the communities of the cities we are flying from and try to support events and organizations which make a difference.
Here are some of our favorite partnerships we have been working with over the last years.



  • Gusta Pantelleria
  • Brochure Palinuro (Pantelleria)
  • Locandina Classic Music (Pantelleria)
  • Offerte Pantelleria
  • Passitaly¬†(Pantelleria)
  • Paura di volare? No problem! (Palermo)
  • Festival di Lampedusa
  • DAT in fashion (Lampedusa)

Are you interested in partnering with us?

We would like to hear from you. Please fill out the following form and send it filled out to marketing@dat.dk

Due to the high number of requests there will be a biannual review process in May and November and applicants will be contacted thereafter.