Pilot (International)

Fly with us:

Work as a pilot at DAT is challenging and demanding yet intriguing and rewarding at the same time.

With DAT you have the opportunity to fly standard scheduled routes in Europe, but also on exciting ad hoc assignments such as Greenland, Canada, Beijing, Butan, the Caribbean and in large parts of Africa.

Career opportunities in DAT:

As a newly qualified First Officer in DAT, the time frame is typically four to five years to gain the qualifications to become a Captain.

In DAT, the goal is always for our First Officers to become Captains, which is why we are hiring predominantly candidates who have the desire and potential to become a Captain.

Loss of License Insurance:

As a pilot in DAT, you are covered by a Loss of License insurance.

Mobile phone and internet:

DAT will pay expenses of mobile phone for Captains. We provide a standard smartphone.

ID travel

After six months of employment in DAT you can buy stand-by tickets from a wide variety of airlines.

Schedule in DAT

Flexibility is one of our core values. We fly all over the world and are not limited to fixed routes.

Since the tasks are very varied, we do not have a fixed schedule. For DAT LT, we have a schedule that will be sent out every two weeks, valid for the next four weeks of work.

We demand the flexibility of our employees, and the flexibility goes both ways, of course. We always do our best to get you free on your desired days off.

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