Pilot in Denmark

Fly with us:

Work as a pilot at DAT is challenging and demanding yet intriguing and rewarding at the same time.

With DAT you have the opportunity to fly standard scheduled routes in Europe, but also on exciting ad hoc assignments such as Greenland, Canada, Beijing, Butan, the Caribbean and in large parts of Africa.

Career opportunities in DAT:

As a newly qualified First Officer in DAT, the time frame is typically four to five years to gain the qualifications to become a Captain.

In DAT, the goal is always for our First Officers to become Captains, which is why we are hiring predominantly candidates who have the desire and potential to become a Captain.

Loss of License Insurance:

As a pilot in DAT, you are covered by a Loss of License insurance which includes:
As a Captain or First Officer, you are covered with a lump sum of DKK 750,000 if you permanently lose your flight license. The amount should ensure that you can redeem any debts recorded in connection with your pilot training.

If you are a Captain, there is also a current payout that covers the Loss of License. The coverage is at 50% of your salary and covers up to 5 years. If after 5 years you are still incapacitated, your ability to work is assessed on general terms.


It is important for us that our employees are guaranteed a proper pension savings. DAT is a member of Dansk Industri, and we have chosen to follow the pension rates for the general labor market in Denmark. Out of a total pension contribution of 12%, DAT pays the 8%. The pension scheme also includes health insurance and life insurance.

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