Cabin Attendant (EU-BASED)

Cabin Attendant at DAT

We do not fly anywhere without passionate Cabin Attendants. Our cabin crew are well known for going the extra mile for our customers and for creating a special DAT atmosphere on all our flights.

Fly with us

We offer a versatile workday where the primary task will be to ensure the safety and comfort of our passengers in the air. We value customer service highly and you understand to give the customer the best service as well as communicating with many different types of customer.

Cabin crew is daily met with several challenges which they must be fit and prepared to handle. We are looking for Cabin Attendants who strive to give excellent service and who deals easily with all kinds of people. We work all 365 days at any time of the day.

Working as a Cabin Attendant with us must be challenging, evolving and positive. Our level of training and demands are high for the industry.
As a Cabin Attendant in DAT, you have the opportunity to fly on exciting ad hoc assignments and destinations. For example, we have had flights in Greenland, Canada, Beijing, Butan and in large parts of Africa.

Your qualifications

  • Minimum high school education degree
  • Initial Safety Training Attestation or Initial Training Certificate
  • Medically fit to meet aircrew requirements
  • Fluent in English (Level B1, B2)
  • High spirits, lots of energy and not least persevenrace
  • Flexible
  • Show initiative and be extrovert
  • Loyal and honest
  • Comprehensive and sense of occasion
  • Master the ability to work splendidly in teams as well as individually
  • Good with figures
  • Experience in the service industry – guide, nurse, waitress, hairdresser etc. preferred but not mandatory

Law requirements

  • Good physical and mental condition
  • Height minimum 165-190 cm – normal weight in relations to height
  • Fair sight
  • Swim minimum 200 meters (with clothes on)
  • Criminal record without any unacceptable remarks

Schedule in DAT

Flexibility is one of our core values. We fly all over the world and are not limited to fixed routes.

Since the tasks are very varied, we do not have a fixed schedule. For DAT, we have a schedule that will be sent out every two weeks, valid for the four weeks of work.

We demand the flexibility of our employees, and the flexibility goes both ways, of course. We always do our best to get you free on your desired days off. In fact, approx. 95% of all reasonable off-requests given.


The salary is divided into a fixed basic salary with some supplements:

  • Basic salary (divided into fixed salary levels)
  • Extra pay for each day spent on mission (per diem)

ID travel

After six months of employment in DAT you can buy stand-by tickets from a wide variety of airlines.

Cabin Attendant training course

Note: Applicable to cabin crew with attestation.

The course lasts 3-4 weeks and most of the course would take place from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 17:00, however this may be expected to vary. Part of the training is practical training in airplanes, which is why course depends on when aircraft are available.

Please be aware that all course material is in English.

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