DAT is a Danish airline founded in 1989 by Kirsten and Jesper Rungholm. DAT, formerly known as Danish Air Transport, started as a freight carrier operating with a single twin engine plane that flew with everything from mail and packages to racehorses.

Today DAT transports close to one million passengers every year in a fleet of ATR and Airbus A320 aircraft. Read more about our fleet here.

As a true Europe carrier DAT is operating regional routes in Denmark, Norway, Italy and Germany. You can see an overview of our current schedule service flights here.

Besides the scheduled routes which can be booked on dat.dk, DAT is also offering ad hoc charter services and is operating ACMI contracts.

Our +600 employees come from 20 different countries and operate worldwide out of our five main offices. You can contact us here.

DAT in Denmark

DAT’s headquarter is located at Vamdrup Airport and it’s main customer service center on Bornholm. In addition, DAT is operating maintenance and service stations at Billund and Copenhagen airport.

During the summer season, DAT is a key transportation provider for tourists to the summer holiday Island of Bornholm. Between March and October DAT is flying from four Danish cities to Bornholm: Copenhagen, Aalborg, Aarhus and Billund. During the yearly Folkemødet DAT additionally connects Odense to Bornholm.

DAT was awarded for the best domestic airline in Denmark 2022.

DAT in Norway

DAT has over 20 years of experience flying in Western Norway operating a domestic route between Stord and Oslo. DAT has since added four additional domestic routes covering Florø – Oslo, Ørland – Oslo, Ørland – Harstad/Narvik and Tromsø – Lakselv.

In the summer DAT also connects Norway to Denmark with a route between Stord and Billund.

DAT in Lithuania

Established in 2003 the DAT office in Lithuania has grown to a major operational hub for the company. Key organizational tasks are being coordinated out of the Kaunas office including but not limited to key functions such as crew control and major maintenance services. Lithuanian pilots and cabin crew are operating many international DAT flights.

DAT in Italy

In 2018 DAT was given the opportunity to establish a regional operations to connect the main cities in Sicily, Italy, Catania, Palermo and Trapani, to the southern islands of Lampedusa and Pantelleria. To further strengthen DAT’s position in Italy, DAT starts inviting into seasonal routes with the first one being established between Olbia to Catania in summer 2019.

DAT in Germany

On 1. January 2020 DAT starts operating its first German route between Saarbrucken and Berlin-Tegel on a daily basis connecting the south of Germany to its capital city. Soon after a second route has been established between Saarbrucken and Hamburg. Both route operations are closely developed in cooperation with Saarbrucken airport.

DAT in Finland

In May 2021 DAT was awarded the operations of the route between Kajaani and Helsinki. Thanks to the close relationship with Finnair and the majority ownership of the Finnish airline Norra DAT was already well involved in the Finnish aviation marked and is keen to establish this route as a sustainable operation.

The PSO contract for the route ended in August 2022 and DAT is no longer flying this route for the time being.

If you are interested in working for DAT please visit our career section for job opportunities and HR contacts.